About Us

Established in 1985, The Little Rascals Preschool is located in the heart of Streetsville, Mississauga. We have provided a firm foundation for 1,500+ graduates and given them a positive outlook toward education.

Our objective is to provide a warm and stimulating environment that promotes physical, social and intellectual development. We believe every child should be recognized as an individual, who deserves to be given the freedom to do and act.

In order to promote active learning, we provide activities involving hands-on experience, and base our curriculum goals on principles of Early Childhood Education.

We are committed to encourage children to develop self-esteem and respect not only for themselves and their families, but also for the community as a whole. We are a non-racist and multicultural organization. Violence and racism are not compatible with our philosophy.

The Little Rascals Preschool provides an excellent curriculum and continued interaction with the teacher. No child becomes lost in the group. It is licensed by The Ministry of Children and Youth Service. This facility is also a proud participant of Raising the Bar: A Quality Initiative of Peel.

We are a friendly and experienced team that provides the care and education your child deserves. All teachers have Early Childhood Education (E.C.E.) qualifications.

It is important to maintain a close relationship with parents and their child. Feel free to talk to us informally on a daily basis or, if necessary, a formal meeting can be arranged. We also love it when parents drop by to check in on their children.